Fancy wool hat handmade in NH image

Fancy Hand Knitted Wool Hat – Made in NH

Fancy wool hat handmade in NH image
Fancy hat which is hand knitted with NH wool and made in New Hampshire!

This fancy wool hat was knitted by us in NH with the finest quality wool. It was handmade on a non-mechanized knitting loom with light brown and dark brown wool and features a large tassel.  The sheep’s wool is the best quality we have ever found and it was obtained from Holistic Health and Home at the Farm in Chester, NH.

This is a prototype of a new product which is completely made in NH.  Please let us know in the comments if this is a product you would be interested in buying if we added it to our catalog. You can leave us a comment by using the following link: PLEASE POST MY COMMENT

7 thoughts on “Fancy Wool Hat – Handmade in NH

  1. Crystal Clock says:

    Absolutely . I know holistic farm in Chester NH and they are the best!!! I love that you are using great quality products and the hat is adorable!!

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