Refund Policy

What Is Our Refund Policy?


We replace items at no cost to you or we will reimburse you in the form of a refund if you receive any defective or damaged merchandise or if you encounter other errors determined to be our fault. The same applies to items lost in transit after your notify us and file a claim. If something arrives damaged in the mail, send a photo of the damaged goods to us, then we’ll gladly send a replacement at no cost to you.

We do not replace items or refund money on orders for buyer’s remorse. Also, we are unable to provide replacements, exchanges, or refunds on orders where the wrong size was ordered since all our products are custom print-on-demand items.

See the table of contents below for more details on our refund policy.


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  1. Mistakes By Us – Damaged, Defective, Mislabled, etc.
  2. My Order Got Lost In The Mail
  3. My Order Got Damaged In The Mail
  4. Buyer’s Remorse
  5. Order Modifications
  6. My Order Shows It Is Being Returned To Sender, What Now?
  7. Contact Us

1 Mistakes By Us – Damaged, Defective, Mislabled, etc.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled product quality. That’s why all our orders go through a 3-step quality check before we ship them out. However, if a damaged or mislabeled item was accidentally let through our quality control, or you encounter other issues determined to be our fault, we take full responsibility and we will provide a free replacement or a refund. If you have an issue with your order, you must contact us within 30 days of the delivery delivery date.

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2 My Order Got Lost In The Mail

For packages lost in transit, all written claims must be submitted no later than 30 days after the estimated delivery date. But no worries! We’ll issue a refund or cover the costs of reprinting and shipping a replacement order for you.

We may ask for your help before doing that, like confirming with you that the shipping address was correct and that you got in touch with the shipping carrier to try locating the lost order. All such claims are subject to an investigation and at our sole discretion.

Keep in mind that if tracking information states an order was delivered but you think you haven’t received it, we won’t take responsibility or reship that order. In that case, any replacements would have to be at your expense. It shall be your responsibility to file any claim with a carrier for a lost shipment if carrier tracking indicates that the Product was delivered.

*For customers in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom, the risk of loss of, damage to and title for Products will pass to you when you or a third party indicated by you has acquired the physical possession of the Products.

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3 My Order Got Damaged In The Mail

What if the product is damaged in the mail? If something arrives damaged, send a photo of the damaged goods to support. Keep in mind that the whole item should be visible in the image. We’ll take a look and then we’ll gladly send a replacement at no cost to you. Remember, you must contact us within 30 days of the delivery delivery date. Please reach out to us via our contact page for instructions here.

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4 Buyer’s Remorse

How are returns handled differently when comparing quality concerns to customers changing their minds which is commonly known as buyer’s remorse? Any returns or problems that occur because of an error on our part will be handled at our expense. However, If you would like to exchange or return a product without any defect or because you ordered a wrong size that would be handled at your expense by placing a new order.

We do not replace items or refund orders because of buyer’s remorse, except for customers residing in Brazil. In addition, we do not replace or refund orders due to ordering mistakes so please make sure all your personal information is correct and double-check your shopping cart before placing an order. Customers residing in Brazil and regretting a purchase must contact our Customer Service and express their will to return the item within 7 consecutive days after receiving it, providing a picture of the item. The withdrawal request will undergo an evaluation to verify whether the product was used or destroyed, even if partial. In these cases, a refund will not be possible.

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5 Order Modifications

Once you’ve confirmed an order, you might no longer be able to edit the order details or cancel it. If you want to change some parameters, customer addresses, etc., please use our contact us page. We are not bound to make such modifications to your order, but we will do our best on a case-by-case basis.

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6 My Order Shows It Is Being Returned To Sender, What Now?

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that information entered on an order is correct before submitting an order. Live Free Basics Store is not responsible for replacing orders that have incorrect ‘ship to’ or other incorrect information entered by the customer. If you enter an incorrect shipping address, the package will most likely be returned to us and we will be happy to send it back to you using your updated correct address but you would be responsible for paying the shipping charges. There are a few other reasons an order might be returned to us. Other instances include the package being unclaimed at customs or refused/returned by someone at the buyer’s address. In such cases where you request us to reship the item(s) back to you, new shipping charges will apply.

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7 Contact Us

Please contact us first (using our contact page) before returning an item so we can guide you through the process. Also, if you would like more information or have any questions about our website’s refund policy, please feel free to contact us by using our contact page.

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