Family operated homestead farm specializing in chicken, eggs, duck, rabbit, and goose.


Good tasting NH farm-raised food

From the website:

  • They are a female owned and family operated homestead farm.
  • Their mission is to bring a variety of farm-raised food to tables in the local community and build awareness of the homestead-farm difference.
  • You can find their products at local farmers’ markets.
  • You can also order from their online store and pickup from their farm stand at 63 South Road, Fremont, NH 03044.

To learn more and if you would like to order food online, please visit their website here:


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Dog Food Recipes With Whole Foods Ingredients


KYS stands for “Know Your Source”

From their website:

  • “Our small batch recipes include, whole foods, such as grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and organic seasonal vegetables braised in bone broth ensuring complete nutrition for your pet.”
  • “After all, if you are serving yourself whole fresh food, why would you do anything different for your dog?”
  • “We believe that owning a dog brings huge responsibilities regarding the health, and happiness of the animal

    and that is why KYS takes great care in producing food that brings out the best in your dog.”


    To learn more and if you would like to order the recipes, please visit their website here: KYS Food for Dogs


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Fancy Hand Knitted Wool Hat – Made in NH

Fancy wool hat handmade in NH image
Fancy hat which is hand knitted with NH wool and made in New Hampshire!

This fancy wool hat was knitted by us in NH with the finest quality wool. It was handmade on a non-mechanized knitting loom with light brown and dark brown wool and features a large tassel.  The sheep’s wool is the best quality we have ever found and it was obtained from Holistic Health and Home at the Farm in Chester, NH.

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We are happy to announce our online store is up and running and products are now continually being added for sale. Our products can found at: Our store is built with state of the art technology for speed and security. Rest assured that credit card transactions are safe and secure. We ship items from our store globally! In addition, the Live Free Basics Store will be stocked with perhaps hundreds of new items over the coming months so check back often to see them.

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