Stump Chunks fire starter made in NH

Light your fireplace, firepit, woodstove, campfire and charcoal with just a match. You are just 1 minute to your fire !

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Product Description

Stump Chunks is a 100% Natural Wood Fire Starter, containing absolutely no chemicals or additives.

  • Easy, lights with a match and there is no need for paper or kindling
  • Made From Recycled Tree Stumps
  • The secret is in the stump itself. Instead of spending time trying to light your fire you can use Stump Chunks and spend more time enjoying yourself with loved ones.
  • Burns clean, made of 100 percent wood fiber
  • Clean, can be handled with bare hands and leaves no pitch, residue or unpleasant odors
  • Completely green and self-sustaining
  • Made in NH