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QuickClot Advanced Clotting Gauze – 3″ x 2 ft. by Adventure Medical Kits

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Product Description

This Gauze stops bleeding 5X faster – U.S. Military Proven


Made in the USA and this product can literally save someone’s life!

  • The hemostatic gauze works on contact to stop bleeding by accelerating your body’s natural clotting process, clotting blood five times faster.
  • Tested and proven through years of combat use by the U.S. Military, QuikClot guaze can be depended on to save time when every second counts.
  •  This pack contains one clotting gauze pad impregnated with kaolin, the same technology used by the US troops to stop even the worst bleeding wounds.
  • Kaolin activates fibers in the blood plasma, makes them sticky, traps platelets and stops bleeding fast! Inorganic and inert, kaolin is non-allergenic, making it safe and effective to use.
  • Make QuikClot a part of your trauma kit or first aid kit so you’re prepared when emergencies occur.
  • Used by hospitals, EMS/first responders, military, law enforcement, general public & outdoorsman
  • Fits perfectly in any first aid kit, suture kit, medical kit, iFAK pouch, EDC pouch & survival kits
  • Travel safely with QuikClot in your car first aid kit, camping essentials & backpack emergency kit!