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The Minuteman outdoor cooking stove is perfect for prepping and survival. Never buy fuel again, the fuel is at your feet!

Product Price $239.95
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Product Description

The Minuteman Rocket Stove is made in America from the best quality components.  It is built to last and carries a 3 year warranty!


It easily allows you to cook family sized meals in full sized cookware despite its small size.

  • Uses highly available sticks, twigs and other biomass as fuel
  • Reaches temperatures in excess of 1,200 Farenheit
  • The high heat makes it virtually smokeless.
  • Self contained and portable
  • Tabletop safe
  • Requires much less fuel than other rocket stoves and only 1/10th the fuel required for an open fire.
  • It is easy and fast to light. You will be cooking in less than 5 minutes.
  • Once you are done cooking, let the Minuteman cool, pour out the ashes, reattach the lid and it is ready to travel.
  • Also ideal for Camping, RV’s, Hunters, Motorcycling, ATVs, Snowmobiling, Boating, Scouting, Tail Gating, Backyard Cooking, and anywhere else an outdoor cooking stove is needed.