Made in USA Military Grade Survival Saw Tool image

Tactical Military Survival Saw with 360 Degree Tooth – Emergency Wire Saw with Spare Blade – 20 Inch Blade – Made In The USA

Product Price $29.50

Product Description

Compact Ultra Light Weight Emergency Saw – the only blade of its kind!

Military Grade: Trusted by the US Marine Corps for use in survival kits!

  • Cuts metal, wood, plastic, bone, ceramic, and more!
  • Replacement blade included! Saw has built in tool for changing blade. Nothing else required.
  • Compact ultra light weight emergency saw developed by Warner Robbins AFB for pilot survival. National Stock Number 5110-00-570-6896. Weighs under 3 ounces.
  • All Angles: Designed to cut all contours and shapes including notches, sharp v and spirals, saving the frustration of fighting the set of the blade.
  • Much safer, easier, and lighter than having an axe or abusing your primary survival blade
  • Proudly made in the USA