Immergood Ice Cream Maker image

Immergood – PREMIUM 6 qt. – Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker – Hand Crank

Product Price $404.00

Product Description

Make Ice Cream, Make Memories! No electricity needed!


Built in the USA and made to last for generations with a 3 year warranty!

  • All Stainless-steel gears that will not rust or strip out. Even the stainless steel is USA-made!
  • Stainless steel, triple motion dasher.
  • Polished stainless steel can
  • Clear lid allows you to see the goodness in the making.
  • A leak-free, triple layer and highly insulated one-piece, tub.
  • Wear bushings between gears and housing for smooth operation.
  • An updated version of an old idea built by Amish who use these every week (they don’t have freezers in their kitchen).
  • Portable – take it along on your next trip to the cabin or family picnic!
  • Designed and manufactured in Lancaster, County Pennsylvania
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars!